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How do I secure my date?

In order to secure your date, you must sign a contract and pay your deposit. Once we have set up a consultation date, I will hold your date until then. Once we have had a consultation your signed contract and deposit are due within 48 hours after the consultation. If you do not have the signed contract and deposit after those 48 hours I won't hold your date any longer.

What is a consultation?

A consultation is for us to meet and go over the look you are wanting for yourself, or in the case of a wedding for you and your wedding party. We can discuss the timeline of your event and ensure I have all the details needed to be fully prepared for the big day! In this meeting I also want to get to know you, and your personal style! This helps me create the perfect customized look for yourself! We can meet via video call or once restrictions have lifted, in person! Consultations are always free and available for anyone!

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, anyone who is paying for a service must sign a contract. If you are under 19 years old you must get a parent/legal guardian to sign. If you have questions or concerns about this please _________ .

When should I book the consultation?

As soon as possible! This allows you to ensure you can secure your date!

When should I book the trial?

I usually recommend about 1-6 months before the day of the event. If you are booking a test trial I recommend about 6-12 months before the day of so if you choose to go with us, you can secure your date!

Will you come to me?

Yes, all services are mobile!

Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes, for all bookings outside the Abbotsford area. Travel fees are based off of location, how many artists needed, if there's paid parking, etc. Any bookings requiring an overnight trip will be charged for accommodations as well. Please _________ for a detailed breakdown of these fees based on your specific needs.

Will I get charged extra for a more glamorous look as a bride/grad?

No, the price for a bride/grad is a flat fee no matter the intensity of the look. You can find more information on rates and which services prices may very _____.

What is considered event makeup?

Event makeup is things such as birthday parties, grad cruises, school dances, holiday/NYE parties, etc. 

How do I know the correct intensity of makeup I want to book?

The best way to know is to find some photos of various makeup looks that interest you! From there we can take a look and assess what level of service is best for you!

How do the makeup lessons work?

A makeup lesson is a private 1-on-1 service. The contents and length of the makeup lesson really depend on you and your needs! I do require a consultation beforehand to go over what exactly you are wanting to learn so we can book the correct length of the service!

What are you doing to ensure a clean and hygienic environment?

All artists are required to wear a face mask at all times and a face shield upon request. As well as all artists are required to have various cleaning supplies on hand to ensure each product/brush are sanitized before application. At this time we ask that only those receiving a service are present in the room so we can try and maintain physical distancing the best we can. If you have any questions or concerns about this please _________.

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